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Importing All Your Beatport Releases To WordPress In One Click

Hundreds of releases on Beatport? With this theme you can import all of them in one click, including tracklist, track audio preview integrated with the website player, and link automatically each artist to its artist page. We spent a lot of time to offer this function, and now that is live we are using it for all the best label and artists of the Ibiza club scene, because is a real bomb!

Watch the video

Once you try it, you love it! Simply paste your artist or label Beatport link, and all the releases will be displayed. The you can decide to import them all or only the ones that you like! A release page will be automatically created including image preview, description, track list with mp3 samples, artist of each track and buy link!

Than you can edit the release changing manually everything, uploading new mp3 preview or adding super easily a youtube video for each track or a Soundcloud url, and the Youtube and Soundcloud player will be automatically embedded for each track!


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Embedding Youtube and Soundcloud in a WordPress post

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