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LOGO-FINAL-DIFFERENT-COLOR-SQARE-smallSound Around the World (S.A.W. – Records) …

… is an electronic music label founded in 2014. It ist the only electronic music label in Wuerzburg, Germany.
In 2014 EckoTronic (Frank Eckert), the founder and owner of this label, did a remix for an australian singer/songwriter, who is under a major label contract with Sony Music. After Sony Music was very happy about the remix, but took a very long time to make a decision, Frank decided to make remixes of singer/songwriters all around the world, which are NOT under a major label contract for not being dependent on what others do.
This was the birthday of Sound Around the World. After some releases under personal release platforms, after playing on some big festivals like Nature One 2015, he decided to put his label to another level. He found four other producer and started to push the label to a new start and platform. „The need to move your feet“ is what happens, if you hear the sound of S.A.W.-Records. Everything, that makes fidgety feet is allowed – as long as it is Techno, Tech House and Minimal.

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